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Start Ugly: The value of optimization

Everything in the world is in a state of constant movement and change, whether this change is good, profitable or not is a discussion for another day. In general life on planet earth can be said to have improved since the “big bang” or the “dawn of creation”, you pick which theory works for you.

Today we have bullet trains, ride hailing apps, permanent makeup, space programs, online banking, business productivity apps and many technologies which are so ubiquitous that at times we forget just how much of an improvement they are from where we were as a species 500 or even 5000 years ago. The layman is now just getting a grasp of Artificial Intelligence, Electric Cars, the Internet Of Things, Cryptocurrencies and so much more. What has powered all of these innovations and thus produced the progress we enjoy today?

Optimization: The process of making something as good or effective as possible.

It’s optimization that allows us to improve and discover our true potential. Optimization is at the heart of all growth, progress and improvement.

The motion sensitive escalator reduces speed when no one is using it to save energy but a few years ago it was either running or off. The very invention of the “electronic” staircase stems from the need to transport many people from one level to another simultaneously up and down.

Optimization is not just a business or IT productivity buzzword, no, it’s the very driver of growth and improvement. Optimization works to improve upon what already exists and seeks to make it better. Optimization is not limited to mobility or technology, instead every aspect of life benefits from optimization.

There lies a great secret in all of the above examples of the world’s great inventions and innovations. That big secret is: Start Ugly. Almost all innovations are really untidy, cluttered, ugly and almost make no sense to anyone but the simple man or woman seeking improvement in their life from a point of frustration or inspiration. Embracing the embarrassing version 1 of your idea, business, product or service opens it up to be optimized and if optimization is constant you will reach that level of satisfaction that makes a real difference. Sadly no improvement or impact can be made if there is no intention to optimize.

As entrepreneurs, professionals and business people optimization should be a religion if not an unshakable habit.

Your processes, operations, accounting, marketing, sales, IT, website, training and even branding are some of the key areas that literally grow your bottom line when optimized. Getting from where you are to your next target is doable through optimization.

I’ll leave you with this:

“Just as each higher step is an opportunity to go higher, so is each phase in improving anything. A Perfect world with perfect products teaches us nothing”.

At Phepa Studio we believe in optimization, we invite you to join this religion too!


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