Urgent: 5 Reasons to redesign your website

A website is at the core of every businesses marketing strategy. Ok perhaps not every business. I say this because some businesses have yet to bring their businesses online or to take serious interest in reaching the vast audience of customers who prefer to search for goods and services on the internet before making a decision to contact a business, buy a product or even recommend a brand.

If you fall into any of the above groups you can get help from our design studio here.


Whilst many businesses are utilizing the power of the internet to start and grow their businesses, a great percentage of them do not seem to do much more than pay their monthly website hosting bill. This is because at best they have forgotten what a powerful tool a well-designed website can be.


As a website designer and owner myself I have identified a few areas that you could look out for on your website to determine if you are in urgent need for a new or redesigned website.


  1. Your Website does not appear well on mobile devices:

– If your website visitors are unable to access and navigate your website from their phones, tablets and portable devices without needing to pinch and zoom to see content, click on buttons and links then you may need to urgently consider a website redesign. Equally if your website crashes or does not load properly on some major browsers like Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer then you really must look at getting an urgent redesign.


  1. Your website content has not been updated in over a year.

– Fresh content is the key to a busy website. Return website visitors usually become your best clients as they show keen interest in your business and some return to compare and verify whether they can do business with you. If you need a web designer to update your website you urgently need a website redesign on a Content Management System like WordPress that allows a basic user to add, delete and update pages and content at will.


  1. Your website looks dated and worse than your competitor’s websites

– One should mind their own business but every now and then your website may need to be redesigned to keep up with global design trends but also as a means to keep up or get the upper hand on the competition. If your website looks like it belongs in 2004 then you really must consider a redesign.


  1. You have decided on a new marketing strategy

– A website redesign should be considered when you have changed the companies direction, vision, mission, services or need to market the company differently.


  1. Website performance

– If your current website has any of the issues below then you should urgently get it redesigned:

  1. Website takes very long to load
  2. Some pages, links and content is broken or no longer working
  3. Website bounce rate is high
  4. Underlying website functionality, code or technology is outdated



You may not identify with all of the above points but if you have even 1 of them then it may be prudent to seek the analyses and advise of a website design firm/specialist to audit your website and begin the redesign process. Some of the many benefits are:

  1. Engaged and retained website visitors
  2. Energised marketing department eager to drive traffic to your website
  3. Better sales leads generated from website



All the best with growing your business


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