5 key things that make your website an effective digital salesman!

1. Contact-ability
– Your website has to provide visitors with links, icons or contact information quickly especially if you do not display pricing or detailed product/service information on your website. The key contact information would be a telephone number, email address and a contact form. Social media icons are also important as customers often feel that businesses should be able to be accessible on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Whilst this is a key element to making your website into a sales machine I would caution against cluttering your home page with too much contact details.

2. Information Architecture & Relevance
– Visitors to your website will likely have typed in specific keywords in a search engine or navigated to your website from a link and will thus want to find the corresponding information quickly. Hence priority has to be given to the most valuable information first and followed by supplementary and explanatory information. Each type of content/info needs to be given contrast through page positioning, font weight and sizing.

3. Call To Actions
– This is a key feature. A “call to action” is the action(s) and behaviors you would like a visitor to take on your website by clicking on a button, acknowledging a message/notification or any kind of input you require from a visitor. An example of a call to action is the “Get In Touch”, “Buy Now”, “Register” or “Sign Up” buttons you have come across on many websites. Not having a call to action is just like having a door without a knob or an automatic sensor to open it.

4. Blog or FAQ Section
– The internet is the information highway and the websites that provide the best quality content, most relevant to a users search/needs are the ones who win. Content is the real reason web users use search engines and as they navigate websites they expect up to date and accurate information to fulfill their needs. Thus as a business owner or marketer you have got to provide the best content related to your products/services and industry frequently to answer the nagging questions users may have.A blog is a great start for almost any business. FAQ’s can save you a lot of time on responding to calls and emails about common(frequently asked questions) visitors will have.

5. Product/Service Range and Packages
– Web users are spoiled for choice. A single search for a product or service can return hundreds of relevant websites to make comparisons on price, experience, customer service and satisfaction ratings. It is easy to see why most modern websites will list the businesses services almost immediately after the header(top of website) and call to actions. This is to help the visitor in deciding to stay on the website to investigate if they would like to work/contact/buy from the business. Make sure your website clearly lists and describes all your service offerings or products. Pricing and packages are optional to display for each business.

These are only a few of the elements and if you would like to turn more visitors to customers then I highly recommend you invest in a website design or redesign with these elements in mind. Have a look at Phepa Studio’s home page for an example of some of the above elements implemented.

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